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Eric Burdon
"White Burdon's black"


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Eric Burdon 1966
Eric Burdon & The Animals (New Animals)


Black Man Burdon
Eric Burdon Band
Solo- & andere Projekte
Die I-Band

Cover "Eric is Here" 1967

März 1967  

Eric is here*
In the Night
Mama told me not to come
I think it's gonna rain today
This Side of Goodbye
That ain't where it's at
True Love
Help me Girl
Wait til next Year
Losin' Control
It's not easy
Biggest Bundle of them all
It's been a long time comin'

Cover "Winds of Change" 1967

Oktober 1967

Winds of Change
Winds of Change
Poem by the Sea
Paint it black
Yes, I am experienced
San Franciscan Nights
When I was young
Hotel Hell
Good Times
Girl named Sandoz
Its all Meat

Cover "The Twain Shall Meet" 1967


Dezember 1967

The Twain shall meet
Just the Thought
Closer to the Truth
No self Pity
Orange and red Beams
Sky Pilot
We love you Lil
All is one

Cover "Everyone of Us" 1968


Mai 1968

Every one of us**

White Houses
Uppers and Downers
Serenade to a sweet Lady
The Immigrant Lad
Year of the Guru
St. James Infimary
New York 1963 - America 1968


Cover "Love Is" 1968


December 1968

Love is (Doppelalbum)
River Deep, Mountain high
I'm an Animal
I'm dying (or am I?)
Ring of Fire
Colored Rain
To love somebody
As the Tears go passing by
Madman (Running Through the Fields)

Cover "The Greatest Hits of Eric Burdon and the Animals" 1969


Februar 1969

The greatest Hits of
Eric Burdon & The Animals
River deep, Mountain High
San Franciscan Nights
Year of the Guru
White Houses
Winds of Change
To love somebody
Sky Pilot

Ende 1969


The Best of
Eric Burdon & The Animals, Vol.II

When I was young
A Girl named Sandoz
Don't bring me down
She'll return it
See See Rider
The other Side of this Life
Hey Gyp
Help me girl
That ain't where it's at
You're on my Mind
Inside looking out


* Obwohl laut Covertext das Album "Eric is here" mit den NEW ANIMALS aufgenommen sein soll, hat es Eric Burdon tatsächlich mit Sessionmusikern zwei Monate vor der Gründung der NEW ANIMALS produziert.

** Zwei Songs von "Everyone of us" enthalten Dialoge.
"The Immigrant Lad" endet mit einem Gespräch zwischen Terry McVay and John Weider.
"New York 1963 - America 1968" beschließt ein Gespräch von Eric mit dem Mann am Tape im Studio. Das "Interview" mitten im Song scheint mir dagegen ein Selbstgespräch von Eric zu sein.

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